I’m a lash tech & people never believe my full lashes are real – my easy routine will get yours looking like extensions

A LAST TECH has revealed to her followers how she gets her full and fluttery lashes without extensions.

Zoe Hill, 22, is a lash technician and make-up artist based in Surrey, and shared her lash routine on her TikTok account, zoeilanahill2, where it has been viewed over 400k times.

Zoe is often asked by users what fake lashes she wears or what extensions she has, but to their shock Zoe's lashes are 100% natural.

She said in the video: "Girls, these are my natural lashes."

As she moves the camera closer to give users a better look of her lashes, Zoe says she will reveal her lash routine, which she believes has made the most difference to the condition of her lashes.

She said: "The first product I have been using is Revitalash, it is quite expensive (£110), but honey, it's worth it.

"I noticed results within two months, I have got everyone on it and they absolutely love it.

"It is expensive but it is worth the money."

Some users suggested UKlash (currently on sale for £25) eyelash serum as a cheaper alternative to Revitalash in the comments section of the video.

Zoe tells her followers that she is not sponsored by the company but cheekily hints to not saying no if they did want to reach out.

She also reveals that doing her own lash lift at home helps keep her lashes looking voluminous and curly.

As a lash technician for four years, Zoe is experienced enough to be able to do a lash lift on herself, and claimed the one she uses is the best product she has found for the job.

She uses Beautiful brows and lashes professional which can be used for brow lamination and lash lifting.

In the caption, Zoe said she had been doing this routine for nearly a year now and that her lashes have never looked so good.

People in the comments honestly couldn't believe they were Zoe's natural lashes with no product on them.

One user exclaimed: "Running to buy this, your lashes look amazing."

One user wrote: "No Mascara?!?!"

A third user commented: "Can confirm with Revitalash, worth the shmoneyy!"

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