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THEY SAY transitioning to two children is much more challenging then giving birth for the first time.

But there are ways to help the transition period go smoothly.

Dr Kaylene Henderson, a child health specialist revealed toddlers might wish their new sibling could be 'regifted.'

But with a little preparation, the expert explained you can get your toddler excited for their new sibling's arrival.

Writing for Nine Honey, the doctor revealed a technique that will encourage your toddler to bond with the baby before it's even arrived.

She explained 'listening belly' was a great step to start the bond by letting your toddler know their new sibling can hear them while in your belly.


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This can provide interactions between them such as chatting, reading or singing.

Another way to make the transition easier is by reading books to your toddler about new baby siblings.

Dr Henderson adds: "It was in a picture book that my empathic older child discovered that babies ask for what they need by crying.

She was so reassured to learn that babies were not always sad and was keen to help by deciphering her baby sister's cries."

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Plenty of people will give gifts to your new born – which can leave your toddler feeling left out.

Stash the presents away and open them without your child around to avoid feelings of jealousy or have some presents prepared for your toddler to open if they seem to be struggling.

Finally, the child expert revealed the most important tip which is to create a positive association with the baby.

This can take place by getting your toddler involved in 'teaching' your newborn how to smile so they feel proud when the baby does start mimicking.

Toddlers will of course, still crave one-on-one time with you as they adjust to their 'new normal'.

But the expert suggested saving their favourite activities for when the baby is around to help them get used to the fact someone else will also be around now.

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Dr Kaylene Henderson is a highly trained Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, one of Australia's leading parenting experts and a grateful mother-of-three.

The advice in this article is general in nature. Please always consult a medical professional to obtain advice that is tailored to yours or child's specific condition.

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