I turned a run-down 90s caravan into a beauty glam shack and it makes me thousands every time I use it | The Sun

A SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur has shared how she turned an old 90s caravan into a 'glam shack' , which has become a firm favourite around festivals in the country.

Most run-down caravans, once a mini home on wheels for someone, are left abandoned in trailer parks, where they essentially die at some point.

But now one woman, from the UK, has revealed how a 1997 caravan has raked in some serious cash for her after she transformed it into a beauty glam shack.

The make-up lover, who then fittingly gave the old vehicle the same name – The Glam Shack – had snapped up the caravan in a pretty bad condition.

Not only had the colour faded severely, the indoor area was also incredibly outdated, with a dirty carpet and almost ancient furniture.

But with a vision in her mind, the thrifty and crafty business owner-to-be set off to work, totally revamping the caravan.

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After ripping off the existing flooring, the woman replaced it with a more modern laminate in neutral wooden shades and added brand new windows.

As the video shared on TikTok showed, the savvy beauty fanatic also got rid off the outdated furniture, including the two beds on each side, as well as some of the cupboards.

What was once a travelling home for someone had now become a make-up shack – and an extra source of income for the craft fan, who takes the caravan to festivals around the UK.

Have an event coming up? The mini shack is also the perfect place to get your friends and family all glammed up, with a professional team ready to turn you into a goddess.

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The Glam Shack also offers a number of stylish hairdos, the on-trend face glitter, as well as make-up classes – and although the journey started relatively recently, it's already become a hit amongst music lovers and kids.

''Our first festival was amazing! As a new venture it went so well for us!''


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