I threw my boy, 7, a £23,000 birthday party – he might be young but I don’t care, he deserves it

A MUM has revealed how she spent over $31,000 (£23,000) on her little boy’s seventh birthday party.

Erin, who appears on TLC’s Outrageous Kids Parties, was determined to throw her son Alex the biggest pirate themed party she possibly could.

Unfortunately for her, she had to collaborate with Alex’s stepmum Susan, who was dead set on a disco theme for the youngster.

After initially butting heads, the women decide to combine the two themes, which really bumps up the budget.

They decide on a giant treasure chest themed cake decorated with disco balls – but it doesn’t come cheap.

“For $2,600 (£1,880) it’s like eating the best Gucci handbag,” Erin says.

After extensive research, Erin is able to get her hands on the “biggest pirate prop in Utah”, a giant pirate ship costing a cool $3,300 (£2,390).

A bout of bad weather doesn’t discourage Susan and Erin, who simply decide to push the party forward, despite Alex’s dad Kevin’s pleas to scale the party back.

“I will not disappoint my son,” Erin says.

The enormous party goes ahead without a hitch seeing Susan and Erin spend $450 (£325) on fire spinners and $3,500 (£2,530).

“It was awesome it was Alexander’s moment to shine,” Susan says.

Erin adds, “The party was just amazing. We had fire spinners, music, pirate food, it all looked so beautiful.

“It was the greatest time he had so much fun he loves playing with his dad.”

The party ends with Alex being presented with a treasure chest with his gift hidden inside – a mini motorcycle.

Alex’s grandfather says: “Nothing’s too good for a seven-year-old birthday party – wait till you’re 16.”

A thrilled Alex says: “That was the best party ever.”

In total Susan and Erin spent $31,525 (£22,800) on the party.

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