I caught my ex-husband of 11 years cheating on his new girlfriend – he popped up on Tinder so I sent her his profile

A WOMAN who claims she was cheated on by her ex-husband of 11 years finally got her own back on her former spouse when she came across his Tinder profile.

Knowing he was dating somebody else, she decided to out her ex for his alleged unfaithful ways by taking screengrabs of his profile on the dating app and sending them to his new girlfriend.

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Reaching out to the new girlfriend, the woman later found out that she had been one of the women her ex supposedly cheated on her with.

Sharing her story online, TikTok the woman asked if anyone else had ever caught their ex-husband cheating on their new partner, joking: "It's an absolute sh**show."

In a video, she went into detail about her ex-husband's history and how she befriended his first wife, with the pair bonding over having dated the same man.

She explained: "I was with this man for 11 years, we were married, he cheated on me and was really abusive the entire time we were together. I finally got the guts to leave him and start living my best life.

"Once I started the divorce, I reached out to his first ex-wife and was like, 'Hey, I'm getting a divorce from your ex-husband, was he horrible to you? Because he was horrible to me.'

"She is the sweetest person ever and agreed to get brunch with me and we sat there and talked for hours about all the horrible things that he did to both of us and now we are friends."

Moving on herself, she signed up to Tinder and was surprised to see her ex-husband on the app, as she knew he was dating somebody else.

Deciding to out him, the woman revealed: "A couple of months later, I see him on Tinder and I knew he had a girlfriend, so I sent his girlfriend screenshots of his Tinder profile letting her know, 'Hey girl, I'm the second ex-wife, he cheated on me and his first ex-wife, looks like he's cheating on you, best of lucky to you.'

"She's like, 'Thanks so much for sending me these, I really appreciate it.' Couple days later, she blocks me."

The woman continued: 'Couple of months go by and she's creeping on my Instagram story, so I send her a message and I'm like, 'Hey girl, are you OK?' And she's like, 'No, I am not OK, you were right the entire time, can we please go and get drinks and talk about this?'

I see him on Tinder and I knew he had a girlfriend, so I sent his girlfriend screenshots of his Tinder profile letting her know

'In my mind, I'm like, f**k yeah, let's help a girl out. The first ex-wife really helped me out, I want to help this girl. We go to drinks, we start sharing stories, she tells me things he's done to her, I tell her things he's done to me.'

However, things got very awkward when the girlfriend claimed that she had been one of the women the ex-husband had cheated on the woman with.

"She starts telling me all of these cheating stories that he told her he did to me, which I had no idea about, it was a very eye-opening dinner and I learned a lot. I already thought he was a sh***y person, but I learned he's even more of a sh***y person than I could have ever imagined,' the woman explained.

"While she's telling me all these stories, she slips up and tells me she was one of the girls he was cheating on me with and I'm like, 'Wow that's kinda f**ked up, you probably should have led with that,' so she knew he was married, he knew she was married and they were both f**king around – and she knew that he was f**king a bunch of his other employees."

She said: "After this very eye-opening and shocking dinner, she goes back to him and she continues to date him for a few more months and I'm like, 'You know what, f**k it, I tried to help her out, she obviously has not learned her lesson…' all I can say is good luck.

"Then, this week she has the audacity to slide into my DMs asking if we could be friends, because shocker, she has no friends. I think the f**k not… I would just like to know where people get the audacity."

She slips up and tells me she was one of the girls he was cheating on me with

"Where does my ex-husband get the audacity to do the horrible things he did to his first ex-wife for four years, me for 11 years, this poor girl for a year and god knows who else there is out there and who there will be in the future," the woman vented.

"And where does this girl get the audacity to think that I want to be her friend after all of that? What's really unfortunate is that it looks like in just the last couple of days that they're back together per social media.

"Although I have no desire to be her friend, and it took a lot for me to respond in a mature adult way when she messaged me asking if we could be friends, I do not wish the pain and trauma that my ex-husband caused me on anyone, including the women he cheated on me with."

Sharing her advice for others who may be in a similar situation, the woman signed off: "So, if you're in a bad relationship, including you girl, f**k them, leave them, go live your best life. Never let the b*****ds get you down, be a good person. Don't be a dick."

Her post, that has been watched nearly 200k times online, racked up hundreds of comments.


Some called out the new girlfriend for seemingly cheating while she was married and insisted it was karma that the guy was now being unfaithful to her.

"Advice to his current girlfriend – if he's willing to cheat with you on someone else then don't be surprised when he cheats on you," said one person.

Another said: "If she knew he was married, she deserved the karma."

A third wrote: "The difference is she KNEW. She knew he was married. And just as important, she was married. They're soul mates. Kudos to you for escaping."

Others could relate to the woman's story, as one person joked: "Ma'am did we all date the same man?"

One person shared: " Mine cheated on me with my own sister and they sat at my dinner table for five Christmases and looked me in the eyes for 5 years before I found out."

"Omg if I didn't know better I would swear this is my ex too cuz this story is so close to my own," said another.

One more posted: "Love your energy here lmao. But I'm sorry you had to deal with him for 11 years."

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