Honest mums leave people utterly heartbroken with their responses to the ‘Is having kids worth it?’ question | The Sun

A 30-YEAR-old woman asked the internet if having kids is truly worth it – and mums were brutally honest in their replies.

Jen uploaded a video asking whether people regret their decision, as the thought of having kids personally “terrifies” her.

In a clip on her @sohltrain account, she said: “I really need someone to tell me if having kids is worth it.

“I’m 30 years old, I’ve been married for six years and think my partner would be an amazing dad.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment of clarity to hit me for the last four years and it’s just not happening.

“When I think of myself with a kid today I’m terrified, but when I think of myself in 20 years I see myself with a family, how am I supposed to bridge those two people?

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“So please, is the loss of sleep, the loss of identity, giving up your body, is it worth it?”

Her video has racked up over 27,000 likes and sparked a huge debate in the comments.

Some people were left shocked and heartbroken after admitting that for them, it hadn’t been worth it.

One mum candidly wrote: “Mom of six. short answer is NO.”

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Another added: “It’s exhausting and all consuming and can ruin even the best relationships. I love my children but I’m tired and I lost myself being a mom.”

A third said: “do not recommend, my mental health and loss of identity is so bad.”

And someone argued: “listen to me carefully IT'S NOT WORTH IT GIRL JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE.”

“Waited 10 years to have one…. No it’s not worth it. Love my child but no”, another contributed.

Some people were left shocked by the response, with one person commenting: “Cannot believe my eyes that a lot of moms are saying it’s not worth it. Seriously?”

Meanwhile, many people insisted that having kids is the biggest blessing.

One mum shared: “This comments are blowing my mind, it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it!! those anxieties absolutely went out the window when i had my son. it’s been the best.”

And one parent chimed in: “It is the hardest thing I’ve done, and it is the absolute best thing in my life. Nothing compares. Career success, money, prestige -nothing.”

Women who had made the decision to not have kids also weighed in on the debate.



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One said: “42 here and childfree by choice. Couldn’t be happier!!”

A second wrote: “My husband and I decided to pour ourselves into each other instead of a third person (a child) and we’ve never been happier!”

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