Furious boyfriend confronts ‘creep’ who was taking secret photos of his girlfriend in a shop… and finds 69 pictures

A BLOKE was left fuming after he discovered a ‘creep’ was taking photos of his girlfriend – and there were 69 of them.

The man had been shopping with his girlfriend Daisy and her sister in a DIY store when she spotted a man snapping pictures of her – and her boyfriend didn’t hesitate to approach him.

Asking him what he’s doing, the man claims he’s waiting for someone to show him where the brown circuit devices are

“And you think that taking pictures of young ladies is the best pastime?” the boyfriend asks before insisting that he delete all 69 photos from his phone and recently deleted.

“You don’t just take pictures of young women,” says Daisy.

Her boyfriend asks: “I don’t see who you think you are taking pictures of my girlfriend, what are you f***ing stupid?

“69 f***ing items, what are you a paedophile or something? You sick f***”

Daisy chimes in, “Don’t get back on your camera when I walk away.”

Eventually a store worker comes over and asks the man why he is taking photos of the girls, to which he replies “boredom I think.”

“You are one sick pig dude, nasty f***,” the boyfriend says as he storms off.

Daisy filmed the entire encounter, sharing it on Tik Tok where it has since received over three million views.

Captioning her video she wrote: “Girls be careful out there and watch your back! This creep was taking pictures of my twin sister and I… Glad we weren’t shopping alone.”

The video has received thousands of comments with many viewers applauding her boyfriend’s reaction.

One wrote: “The boyfriend’s reaction was completely acceptable and I agree with how he handles this.”

“Keep that boyfriend,” agreed another, while a third wrote, “Men who call out other men, we thank you.”

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