Eagle-eyed fashion fans spot something hilarious in swimsuit company's promo – so can you see it? | The Sun

WHEN it comes to promos, every company wants to make theirs stand out.

And swimwear company TA3 certainly did that, with their image of a statuesque, ponytailed model wearing one of their white swimsuits.

Erica has been considering getting one of the swimsuits – which cinch you in at the waist – for a while now, so is used to seeing ads for the company pop up on her social media pages.

But it was one picture in particular that caught her eye, and she took to TikTok to explain.

"I do not support brands overly photoshopping people's bodies to an unrealistic standard," she said.

"But in the case of TA3 Swim – a bathing suit I've been looking at because it looks amazing – I think there's an exception and they should be photoshopping.

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"Because if I was this model, I would absolutely die that it looks like the squirrels are coming out of my pants."

She went on to say that while it's just the model's long ponytail that has given that effect, it could have been removed with Photostop in just a few seconds.

"They did her dirty!!! It’s the first thing I see every time this add comes up!!!" one person commented on Erica's video.

As another added: "Omg how did they miss that!!"

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"Everytime I see this ad I can't believe there aren't a hundred comments about this," a third laughed.

While someone else wrote: "I knew where this was going as soon as I saw the pic."

In fact, there have been so many people remarking on the picture that TA3 took to their Facebook page to weigh in.

"We’ve gotten lots of messages about this photo because the end of her ponytail is appearing in an unfortunate location," they wrote.

"Thank you all for your concern – we are ok with it!

"We didn’t try to make the photos on the new site 'perfect'.

"If that means a pubic faux pas so be it."

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