BAIT Turns G-SHOCK's DW5600 Into the Legendary AE86 From 'Initial D'

Initial D fans will be delighted to learn that BAIT has now teamed up with G-SHOCK for a special DW5600 themed after the legendary Toyota Sprinter Trueno APEX AE86 of the anime’s main protagonist, Takumi Fujiwara.

Taking on the same white base of his street racer, the timepiece is adorned with a whole roster of detailing drawn from the drift-centric manga and anime, including the black racing stripes of his car running down the length of the strap, coupled with the series’ logo on the top half and the signage of the Fujiwara family’s tofu store on the bottom half. The logo of the anime can also be found engraved on the caseback as well as shining through the dial when illuminated. Completing the package is a themed box adorned with illustrations from the manga, as well as an AE86-inspired metal case.

For those interested, you sign up from now until December 29 over on BAIT’s website for a chance to purchase the Initial D-themed G-SHOCK DW5600 at a price of $200 USD. The special timepiece will also be available in BAIT Chapter stores across the US from December 26 and subsequently in limited numbers in Japan.

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